Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring in My Step

Ok, so this clearly is not me (I am much more tan... hahaha...) but I wanted to post this picture and share my little moment of excitement-- I GOT A NEW LEOTARD! These tend to be pricey, so I got this for my upcoming birthday (April 28th). It is the same style as this one, but mine is a dark gray with a yellow collar and red buttons. It's the first I've gotten from Eleve Dancewear, and seems to be a really great quality as far as leotards go.

I got to wear it for the first time in ballet class this morning. Many dancers will agree with me that wearing a brand new leotard brings a spring to your step (point?). We do so many of the same steps over and over, day after day, and having something pretty and new to wear brings novelty and excitement to class and rehearsals. You just feel prettier, and in my case, I tend to dance better when I feel pretty.

What brings excitement and novelty to your workday? I'd actually love to hear some comments on this! Feel free to subscribe and comment on this and on my other blogs, I love conversations (which is what I'm missing most about Facebook right now). And let me know if you have your own blog, I'd love to follow you.


Elin Robinson said...

Oh Gina, I don't think you really want to know what brings excitement or novelty to my days. It is usually preceded by "Mommy, I just had an accident" or the surreptitious rustling for a towel or covering up of the couch when I come into the room. :-)

Unknown said...

This is where I wish blogger had a "like" button for a comment ;). Love you Elin!