Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Lately I have had a ridiculous amount of chances to perform, a direct gift from God. (Thanks God :) ). After "Dark Deeds" closed, I was able to perform up in Boulder with Delusions of Grandeur dance company's "Body of Sound" and debut my piece "that which was lost," a pas de deux about processing through significant loss. It was especially moving because Kevin and I were able to dance to a live string quartet. I also got to perform some improvisation to drums, and dance in a traditional Russian character dance "Dark Eyes," which was so fun for me-- some of my favorite memories at the U of Utah ballet department were of Character Dance Ensemble where we learned and performed many different types of folk/character dances. All of "Body of Sound" was performed to live music and the reactions from the audience members were so enthusiastic! It was truly an exhilarating collaboration with the live musicians, everyone was there because they wanted to be, and all of us were truly excited to share our work with the audiences (which were nearly sold out both nights). I hope to participate again in the future when Delusions of Grandeur does another show. The drives up to Boulder were so worth it!
  After that I got to dance a contemporary pas de deux at a local tango performance with a well known choreographer and dancer in the area. It was to an instrumental NIN song, I wore one pointe shoe and we did some really fun and crazy lifts and partnering. It was a great experience to work with him (he was a principal dancer at Colorado Ballet for years) because he is one of the best partners I've ever danced with and is such a creative and talented choreographer. Best of all I know I grew as an artist and dancer through it all.
Me rehearsing my piece "that which was lost" with the string quartet
  If you want to see my piece I did up in Boulder ("that which was lost") here is a link to the Vimeo site: http://vimeo.com/13520147 (my piece is at 6:30)