Monday, June 30, 2008

On the road again...

I (Gina) have been doing a lot of dance related stuff in the last six months or so. I've trained in ballet since I was seven, and for many years dreamed of being paid to dance. In December 2007 I decided to give a professional career one last shot (ballerinas have very short shelf lives-- most don't dance full time past 35).
So I got myself into class a little (ok, a lot) more often, did some research on ballet/contemporary troupes, and proceeded to audition for about ten companies that fit this description:
  • Not huge (between ten and twenty dancers)
  • Exists in a state that Casey would be willing to move to/live in
  • Repertory contains both ballet and contemporary styles
  • Might possibly hire me!
In a nutshell, the whole experience for me was a very mixed bag. Lots of nerves, lots of excitement, lots of hope, lots of disappointment, lots of encouragement, and lots of learning about the current dance world. Then about a month and half ago, right when I began to have peace with the possibility of nothing happening, a light at the end of the tunnel appeared. I got an email from the artistic director of David Taylor Dance Theatre in Colorado offering me an apprenticeship. After much discussion and prayer, Casey and I realized God was dropping this opportunity in my lap-- and I accepted. This means we are moving from Oregon to Colorado in August and we will embark on one very exciting (and a little intimidating!) adventure. We will miss so many people here in Oregon but are convinced this is God's invitation to us for an adventure to grow with each other and in our relationship with Him. And from my (Gina's) point of view, Casey gets the "Husband of the Millenium Award" for being willing to move so I can fulfill a childhood dream. :)
Below are some favorite pictures I used for my resume portfolio.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our new blog!

Hi everyone! Casey and Gina here. We decided it would be nice to be able to share photos and news with people who may not be on MySpace or Facebook, so here we are. More to come soon...