Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To Nutcracker, Christmas, and beyond!

Why is it that I always blog when I am sick? Maybe because it cheers me up :). Once again, I am home due to my body rebelling against my wishes, but happily I can update everyone on the last month. It was a busy one. Today, I am opting to tell the story with pictures (it's shorter and more interesting that way). First off... My mom came to visit us! She came with the intention of maintaining her spot as "Gina's #1 Fan," as I was about to embark once again on Nutcracker. She and I (and Casey) hung out, visited downtown Denver, and she accompanied me to the theater most days I was there for performance week. Staying true to her time-honored role, she saw me perform five (yes, 5) times. Plus, she watched most of my warm up classes. You just can't knock her out of that spot (she's maintained it since I started ballet at age 7)! Here are some pictures of our adventures.

At Panera Bread Company, one of my favorite breakfast spots.

Trying on hats and other various winter accessories downtown.

A VERY expensive coat and hat ($7000 plus)- but very warm. It better be.

Mom getting sassy!
Next came Nutcracker....

Fuzzy picture of us backstage between acts-- smiles camoflauging our exhaustion! We did ten shows in six days and while it was fun, I was happy to get some rest when it was done.

Casey and I at home after a show-- before I took my stage "eyes" off.

Me in my angel costume.

Me backstage in my chinese costume.
Then, we got to go to Oregon for Christmas. On the way, we randomly saw one of my best friends in the airport with her husband! We had the exact same flight schedule through Denver!

Jess and I SHOCKED at seeing each other at Denver International Airport!

In Oregon, the record snowfall got us stuck on the way to Casey's parents' house, and I got sick several days later (not because of the snow :) ), but other than that it was really fun to see family and relax a bit.

Casey and his cute grandma Jackie.

Casey imparting some wisdom on whoever is sitting next to us. I am more interested in the present. :)

Here is where we got stuck in the snow. We are waiting in the car for a shovel to arrive with Casey's dad.

"Mom" Shari and I wearing our traditional Eslinger Christmas accessories. WHAT did I marry into??? :) Just kidding.

My brother about to open his "gift" from us. The airline lost the bag that had all our presents in it, and we didn't get it back until a couple days after Christmas. So we wrote little cards describing the gift so they could open SOMETHING.
After we got back to Colorado, we had a belated "Christmas" with our friends here. Below are some pictures of us and our friends frosting, decorating, and eating sugar cookies. Some of us went nutso on the frosting and I am sure paid for it later :).

Tummyache in the making? Oh but it was fun. :)