Monday, May 25, 2009

Bangs and Glasses

I have bangs now. And new reading glasses (the best part is the sparkly butterflies on the sides). Exciting times!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Food poisoning

So, has anyone out there gotten food poisoning from eating at Taco Bell? The other day I did, and without divulging too many details, let's just say I had to go to the ER to replenish my fluids and get some anti-naseau medicine. I have spent three days on the couch as a headache-y, weak limbed blob, and I am mad! Grrr.
My question is this: Has anyone out there gotten sick from restaurant food (I am talking violently sick for more than a couple hours) and actually DONE something about it? I am considering calling them and/or reporting them to the BBB. Not that I know if they could do anything about anything. But something in me wants to let them know that they are poisoning innocent people with their so-called "food." Any wisdom/experiences you'd like to share??

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oregon Trip Pictures...

My first stop in Oregon was to see my dad for a couple days. It was fun to hang out and celebrate our birthdays together, which meant going out to an italian restaurant. But of course, it just wouldn't be the same unless we at one point, eat gourmet food at home and watch a movie.

At last, my dad has found the perfect woman for him!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it sticks!

During this trip, I also got to spend time with my friend Katrina and her 2 1/2 month old baby girl. It was a good preview for me, for someone who hopes to be a mother someday. Above picture: Anyone else like shopping for cheap cute stuff? Katrina and I bought the same jacket totally separately (different states even!) in different colors at Forever 21, so of course we had to take a picture.

The cutest baby bear I've ever seen-- little Josie!

Fun at Cannon Beach... Yet another cold and beautiful day, but what else can one expect on the Oregon Coast?

Me in front of Haystack Rock.

Katrina takes advantage of the humor in the situation, which involved a crying baby bear.

I also got to spend time with friends I've missed very much, including my good friend Toni. Miss you all! Thanks for hanging out, see ya next time!

More California trip pictures!

Casey and I were so excited to be at and involved with our godson's baptism. Here we are with him at a local park. What a special day and event for us.

Proud parents and great friends/relatives. Casey and I are spoiled to be so involved in their lives.

Out at a beautiful local state park. My mom and Freddie are ruthless when it comes to making us do mushy pictures! Not that we minded much :).

My mama, myself, and my brother's girlfriend making lasagna from scratch. It was gooooood.

Casey and I at Bodega Bay-- I loved seeing the ocean again. It just feeds my heart in a strange beautiful way. We went on this mini-trip with my mom and Freddie, feeding the seagulls, and eating some a-mazing smoked salmon. It is my new favorite food.

It looks sunny but don't be fooled. It was COLD!

We got to see my best friend (who is about to have another baby in a couple months!! Congrats my friend!) and her two year old daughter. I haven't seen her little girl in a while and it is amazing how smart and beautiful she is even at two. Watch out boys, she's gonna be a heartbreaker!

I love shared mommy-daughter giggles!

Father and son, waiting for dinner. We got to see so many people! Fun fun fun!