Monday, October 27, 2008

The Show Must (and Did) Go On...

My (Gina's) show with the company (" 'Medusa' and other haunting works") went well the other night-- we basically had a full house and a great audience which included some friends from in town and out of town (even a friend, and surprise arrival, from bella Italia!), and my parents in law. Everyone agreed it was a wonderfully "creepy" show, and it was great to get onstage again-- although I always get quite a lot of butterflies before I go on, even after all these years onstage. I will post pictures when I get ahold of some.
Casey did not get that job he interviewed for-- BOOOOO! We are still waiting and trusting God to lead him to the perfect job for him. Please continue to pray for that. He is very excited lately about the coming of snow in Colorado-- meaning ski season is almost upon us. There's always that extra sparkle in his eye when the subject comes up...
Next on the list: Starting Nutcracker rehearsals Wednesday with the company and other dancers hired on for this particular show. I am praying for fun and challenging roles, and that God will allow me to see improvement in my artistry, technique, and stamina during this next part of the season. (pictured below: snow scene from DTDT's previous year's Nutcracker)

Monday, October 13, 2008

God answering prayer!

Today Casey got invited back for a second interview at a private equity construction loan company (they lend private money to construction companies)!! He interviewed there for the first time last Friday and will have a second interview tomorrow at 3 pm. This is very encouraging and we are very excited. Please pray for him, that God would guide him through the interview and that they would see what a catch he is :), and above all for God's will to be done. We have been praying for a good job for him to come his way for a long time now.
Speaking of prayer, thank you to those of you that prayed for my foot/ankle!! It worked! I am able to wear my pointe shoes (aka "toe shoes") all day now. The problem now is that an old knee injury has come back, not in full force, but there is definite soreness and pain. I would love more prayer for healing and general protection from injury for my body because we have a show this weekend, and a couple more the weekend of October 25-26th... Despite all this, I am enjoying my job as a dancer, though days are long and I am very tired by the end. I can see that aches and pains will be a daily "norm" for me for as long as I do this. However at the end of each day I drive home grateful for the chance to be a professional dancer (a dream of mine since I was about seven) and hope to continue for as long as God allows me to.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Something you'll never hear in Portland...

I (Gina) was leaving work the other day, and I noticed some grayish/blackish rainclouds virtually covering the sky. I guess I've been getting used to seeing the sun here because I was staring up at them for a few seconds, taking them in. While I was doing this, a woman was walking toward me, and as she passed she smiled and said, "Looks like we might be getting some rain soon... Hopefully!" My brain instantly logged this comment as "unusual."
Yup. Something you'll never hear in Portland!!! (You Portland-ites know what I mean.)