Monday, December 15, 2008

"It's Christmastime in the city..."

What's the deal with the time whizzing by, it's less than two weeks away from Christmas!!! It is getting a little chilly too. We hit a record low of -4 here in Denver last night. Yikes!
We just got our tree up, a tiny one that fits perfectly into our apartment. It is super cute and making our place so cozy. We went to the local supermarket to find it:

We choose tree number two...

He's so tiny!

It was very easy to load.
I (Gina) am back from tour and about to embark on Nutcracker madness. We open at Lakewood Cultural Center December 18th-23rd. Tickets are already selling out so if you want to come you can call them and order tickets or do it online. I enjoyed the tours, it was a great thing to get some shows in before we open on the big stage here in town. I got to know my co-workers better (how could I not, with hours upon hours in a 15 passenger van?) which was really fun. It really is a privilege to do what I do for a job, even though it can be physically tiring. We got great reviews from all three of the places we performed which is a great feeling as well.
Above is our director helping the mice in Sheridan (we had local kids there dance these roles) find their way onstage with all the props. Sorry no photos of me, it's hard to take pictures when you are dancing :).
During the tours I missed Casey a lot, so it is nice to be back together and doing Christmas-y things together like Christmas shop and decorate our tree and bake Christmas cookies :).
Here's the bad news: Casey is sick again and on antibiotics :(, prayers are appreciated (for him as well as for me, that I won't get sick for the shows)! Also, it seems God is taking us on His own journey for us at the moment as far as employment goes for him. Please keep praying for that as well. In this economy it seems everyone is struggling to find work. We both know He will continue to provide for all our needs regardless, and I can see how He is working in both of our hearts through this hard circumstance, but it would be great for Casey to find something he likes to do soon.
Love to everyone and we hope you are having a wonderful, joyful, cozy Christmas season so far.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sooooo tired...

Hey all. I just wanted to say how much I respect my fellow dancers who dance all day long then go teach little ones at night to pay the bills. I just taught for 2.5 hours after work today and I am beat. So kudos to all of you. I don't know how you do it. Today (and most of this season actually) I feel just like this little girl above. (I love this picture for a couple reasons. One: I relate to her. Two: Lately God has been showing me more about how He sees me as His little daughter, even when I dance, and this gives me much happiness to know He is pleased and delighted with what He sees...)
We had a dress rehearsal today in the studio to practice the costume changes (I have six). Being a dancer all day long is so much more exhausting then I ever thought it would be. It IS my first season, and we are definitely in the thick of things now, we are leaving for our first tour on Wednesday. But still. GEEEESH! I am surprised I can even walk. Seriously.
We open on December 18th in Lakewood, Colorado (our home base) and it will be fun to get onstage to do this Nutcracker thingy. And I am quite proud to say my stamina has gone way, way up. Although I still feel tired, I am basically dancing through the entire show. Hard work, but worth it in the end.