Sunday, April 18, 2010


Last night I accidently took the "daytime" Tylenol Sinus pills instead of the "nighttime." About two seconds before I tucked myself into bed.

Nice job, Gina.

The effect of those green pills (note to self: green=DAY. white=NIGHT) were not as ghastly as I thought. I assumed, as the little green pills made their way into whatever organ they enter first, that I'd be up all night surfing youtube for interesting/cute kitten videos. Fortunately, I got a *little* sleep. Meaning I was in and out of sleep, which is better than no sleep.

I need sleep today because we have our last rehearsal in the studio for "Oklahoma!" before we have our tech/dress rehearsals at the theater! A lot has happened in the last month and instead of writing ten billion paragraphs on them I thought I'd spare those of you that care and give you a fun bulleted list:

  • I got in a car accident and totalled the car (not my fault-- see previous post).
  • We moved! We now are the proud owners of a townhome about 20 minutes from where we used to be. I love it, and thank goodness because I wasn't even able to go see it (see above post for reason) until the final walk through. Casey did an awesome job of choosing a new home for us.
  • My dance season with the ballet company ended and I was privileged to dance in "Mobile" for this last run of shows. It was definitely the highlight of my career so far. For more photos, check out my facebook page in the "Eclipsing Venus and Mobile" photo album.
  • I am looking for a job, preferably in the theater world, not necessarily onstage although that would be ideal.
  • I saw "Alice in Wonderland." Loved it.
  • We had to put down our little parakeet Charles DuMar due to long term health problems in his lungs. It has been hard and we miss him everyday.
  • I have been deep into "Oklahoma!" rehearsals and loving every minute. It is especially fulfilling to see my voice improve (I have been taking voice lessons). As Dream Laurey I am so lucky to utilize my ballet training, do some partnering with a great and technically excellent partner. I love the cast and have been so encouraged by everyone there-- it has been super healing for my heart and has done wonders for my confidence as an artist.
  • Still teaching ballet and at the moment, prepping my little dancers for various recitals. It is so fun to see the excitement in their faces when I say it's time to practice the dances.
That is about it... Sorry to anyone that hasn't seen me for weeks. Please come see me in "Oklahoma!"-- we open this friday and go for three weekends, see my facebook page for more info on that!!!!