Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blessed Are We Who Mourn

I don't usually post other people's work... But this was too good to pass up. Read, enjoy, and feel the comfort of God in my good friend Andrea's wise and real words.

"Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.".. Matthew 5:4

Jesus knew that we would mourn.  It is part of the fallen world.  Just straight up fact.  It wasn't if we mourn, it was "blessed are they who mourn."...

So you know... go right ahead, heart, and mourn. 
Because your comforter is near. 
Go ahead and pour out your heart, because Jesus, He sits there with you. 
He holds my head to his chest, and He does the same for every single one of His children. 
And to hear His heartbeat, is to hear it beat for each and every one of us, and to know that we, we have the promise of comfort in our mourning. 

And boy... the last 5 years have been about mourning.  Mourning the loss of my dad, whom was truly one of my very best cheerleaders and whose love I never once doubted.  Mourning the fact that I'm not yet married and very well will never be a mother, and I'm not guaranteed a husband, even thought that desire of my heart screams at me.   I am heartbroken and aching about a recent breakup with a man that I truly cared about, and then learning that that caring wasn't mutual. 

And so I mourn those losses.  At times, those feelings are like waves of grief washing over me.  But I know that He comes and sits and comforts, and it's ok for me to process these really heavy, shitty, feelings.  He still knows the desire in me for husband, the grief of loss for my dad, and He knows that I feel the heartbreak of a relationship that simply didn't work, and how much I want to blame me.   I always want to blame me. 

Because He knows, He comforts.  Even while I type this tonight, I hear Him whisper of His goodness to me, that His plans for me are great.  This season isn't the end for me.  I will NOT die in this desert.    It is the same for you, friends, you won't die in your mourning, even if it feels so very heavy.  He will and does come sit with you, and He reminds you of hope and that future He has for you.   He rejoices over you with singing.   And He proclaims good things over you!

 Truly, blessed are we who mourn, because we WILL be comforted.  

**If you want to read more of Andrea's work, contact me and I'll hook you up!