Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures worth a thousand words each...

I am currently processing through post-show blues-- missing the fun of Oklahoma and all the people involved... But here are some pics (professional quality!) to show you all the fun I had! The pictures of me in the white dress are of the dream ballet, in which I played Dream Laurey. The green dress/corset pictures are of me as part of the female ensemble. Fun fun. For the whole album (if you are on Facebook) click here:!/album.php?aid=2031340&id=120701580&ref=mf

My personal favorite of my partner and I, above-- it captures the feel of the ballet duet perfectly in my opinion.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last weekend of "Oklahoma!", Growth, and Encouragement

We have performed two fabulous and exciting weekends of "Oklahoma!" so far-- two down, one to go. The photo above is me as "Dream Laurey" next to the real "Laurey." I am already preparing myself for the post-show letdown. For me this means missing the excitement of being onstage, being around such energy and wonderful music/dancing, and missing the company of people I grow to love over the rehearsal process. We have become and are now a community of people working toward the same goal of telling a good story with music, acting, and dance. A lot of times we will go out after a show for drinks and food which solidifies our friendships beyond our work/rehearsal/show environment even more. It is a huge understatement to say I love this cast. It is rare to get along with everyone in any show, but I dare say it is true in this group of people.

In any performing situation, it is normal to feel insecure about one's talents or abilities. The thing that stands out most about this cast is the encouraging words and actions being dealt out daily. I have never felt so encouraged or uplifted in any rehearsal/performance process. To anyone in the cast reading this-- thank you. You have contributed greatly to my growth as an artist and human being.

Dancing the role of "Dream Laurey" is an amazing experience for me. I am doing partnering that I wasn't given the chance to do in the ballet company and found out that I really am capable of achieving these things! Having a solo, although intimidating, is freeing as an artist-- because I can connect with the audience in a special way while I am onstage alone. Not only have I have grown as a dancer but as an actress. The more I delve into Laurey's character the deeper the experience becomes when I perform the ballet-- she's not just a girl with a crush, but someone working out her deepest fears about love. It has been a privilege and gift. Here are a few pictures of me and the cast so far, more coming soon. If you haven't come to see the show yet, please check it out-- it's our last weekend of shows and you won't want to miss seeing this incredibly talented cast of people!

John and I, he plays the villain "Jud." Ironically he is one of the nicest men I've ever met.

Callie, Rachel ("Ado Annie"), and I in the dressing room in our farm dresses.

Putting on the makeup, making silly faces. Love it!!