Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prom, everyone's favorite high school memory.... Right?... Right?

Last night I had a dream that Casey and I went to prom together. It was far and away better than my actual prom experience. In my dream I had those fun butterflies in my stomach and we actually liked each other! I was wearing this awesome off white strapless dress and a green wrap.
My actual prom? Let's just say I have some nice pictures from that night, but in these photos I look far happier than I actually was, due to my immature date ignoring me and hanging out with his sophomore friends at their own table. Then, he ditched me right afterward because he had a "curfew." HA! That's what I get for panicking, and asking someone for fear I wouldn't get to go at all, and not waiting to be asked (girls, you know what I mean, right?). Casey apparently had his own not-so-nice prom experience: "My prom was waiting in the picture line for two hours." At least I got to dance with my friends a little bit! (Janet, if you're out there, thanks for making the night fun for me. You rock.)
Here's what propose-- we all share about our prom experiences. C'mon. It'll be fun.


The Bearded said...

The story of the first girl I asked to prom and how that attempt crashed and burned is a classic. But since you asked for 'prom stories', I'll share what actually happened when I went with a good friend:

I had a great time! I had flown into town from DC hours before and was sleep deprived like few other times in my life.

It should be noted that when I'm tired I am either (a) cranky or (b) goofy.

Thankfully, I was the latter. And just how goofy was I? Well, let's just say at dinner I had our table of friends laughing out loud with tears in their eyes and the entire restaurant taking note wondering what in the world was going on.

Andrea Rooks said...

Oy, prom. I have OK memories of prom. I got asked by the guy I had a crush on, and we had a decent time. My virtue remained intact, I met curfew, but I was a little lonely at the dance because my date wasn't friends with my friends. I'd had more fun at homecoming when I went with a big group of friends and didn't know that my date (different person) liked me...

My favorite prom memory was of a guy who came in a gorilla costume dancing along with everyone else. That and getting to pick the fabric for the prom dress my mom made me. I think I still have the dress...