Monday, June 8, 2009


I don't know what it is, but not having a regular schedule, Monday through Friday, really throws me off. I get lazy and tired, which is funny, because shouldn't it be the other way around? I spent most of this last year dancing my butt off, and yes, I WAS tired then too. But at least I was tiredly organized with my time.
Now, I've still got at least three months until I go back to full time dancing with the company. My main issue is getting into ballet class, to keep myself in shape for the next season. But I just can't seem to get out of bed a lot of the mornings to go.
Do any of you struggle with this when you don't have a regular schedule to keep you in line? Do you have any suggestions for me?


Andrea Rooks said...

I'm the same way until I can invent a new routine and schedule for myself. Right now, I go to Starbuck's and the grocery store on Monday mornings, and try to go on walks/errands in the mornings the rest of the week. Most of my outings involve some kind of treat for myself and Natalie, usually a trip to a coffee shop or a craft store for something fun. Those kinds of incentives help me do the less fun errands and chores regularly...

I find that just blocking off the mornings to go out and do stuff makes me feel less guilty about not doing anything the rest of the day, if that's what happens. I've yet to be as scheduled as saying that Tuesday is house-cleaning day, Wednesday is laundry day, Thursday is date night, etc., but I know that works for some people.

To-do lists also motivate me these days, whether they're full of little things like "cook dinner" or bigger-picture things like "reorganize the bedroom closet"... It takes quite a while to get and keep the ball rolling with schedules, and it always seems that something comes up to disrupt my routine... but that's life!

Gina Rose said...

Great ideas!! I like the Starbucks thing. I wonder how many people use that place to get themselves out of bed every morning :). Hey, it works!