Saturday, December 5, 2009

I need patience but I don't want to pray for it...

Ever have that problem? :)
You know what happens when you pray for patience... More trials right? Well ok, not always but enough to where my first thought after "I need more patience" is: "Well you BETTER not PRAY for it buddy. Remember what happened last time??!?"
I have started rehab for my ankle. Slow theraband excercises, limited barre combinations, stationary bike, etc. Seemed like it was doing great yesterday. No pain whatsoever. Then today I got to the third combination of my barre and my ankle yelled at me.
Ok, not literally but you know what I mean right?
It yelled in the form of pain, not too terribly much but right in the area I know I injured it. So I finished out the excercise and went on to the non-stressful-form-of-rehab-for-my-ankle, my pilates video. I'm now sitting and icing.
Big sigh. I know rehabbing (is that a word??) injuries are up and down as far as pain and progress go. I guess I was just hoping my ankle would be a gold-medalist Olympic type of ankle and say "WHATEVA, you call that EXCERCISE?!?" and subsequently ask for more.
I guess I am in for more contemplation today and meditating on acceptance of God's plan over mine... I have been encouraged lately by my friend's comments about my situation, that there IS a great purpose behind God allowing this crappy thing to happen. That's where the waiting comes in. Yeah. Not too great at that part. I would love to hear about any of your stories about difficult situations and how God worked through them, feel free to leave a comment and/or story.

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