Monday, March 16, 2009

How Casey almost asked me out.

Some of you know this story already. But I had to share because I just ordered us matching t-shirts (cue gagging noises) that were custom made, printed with the words Casey spoke to ALMOST ask me out the first time. Keep reading if you want to know what those words were.
The night was Halloween a few years ago. He had attended our costume party out in Hillsboro, Oregon (which I dressed up as a princess for, and he dressed up as his own twin....Nope. He didn't dress up at all). The large party had gotten smaller by around 10 pm. We all had eaten some good food, had some good Napolean Dynamite quoting time, sat around a fire and made s'mores, and even talked a bit about God. I was impressed by his obvious love of the Bible. Also, he was pretty dang hilarious. Those of you that were there, may remember his (and Katrina's) ingenius creation of the jingle for their fictitious product "Urine-all." I had only talked with this mysterious, tall, blonde curly-headed, Converse-wearing guy a couple other times (the latest time being a "chance" meeting at Starbucks with our ONE mutual friend Katrina), and very briefly. I was pretty convinced he was probably a jerk because he was so funny and entertaining. However, I couldn't help but notice him more and more throughout the night.
So, after mostly everyone called it a night and walked away from the fire back to their cars, he just "happened" to be leaving the same time as I was (lucky me!) We talked for a couple minutes about something I can't remember. I was thinking, "This is going well. Maybe he's not a jerk." Then, came the question I had a feeling was coming:
"So... what are you doing tomorrow?"
My 'about-to-be-asked-out' radar went crazy, and I said, very carefully, "Well, probably sleeping" (it was about 3 am at the time). The subtext of my statement, which I only was saying in my mind silently, was: "NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. I AM COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY FREE FOR ANY DATE-LIKE ACTIVITY YOU MAY HAVE IN MIND."
A pause.
"Oh," he answered.
Another pause. I try again.
"Um, what are YOU doing?"
"Well, helping out at church in the morning, but after that not much."
Again, awkward pause.
Seriously? Is my radar so off that I cannot tell anymore if I am about to be asked out?
We are walking still, now very slowly, toward his large truck. I give him a little more time by not saying anything.
Yet another awkward pause. I think he got his keys out at this time. He starts saying something. And it is...
"Well.... See you later I guess!"
"Ok... Maybe I'll see ya at Starbucks sometime" (my lame attempt to keep things open).
He gets in his car, says goodbye, and drives off.
You would think at this point that my radar was very, very broken-- if you didn't know the end of the story. Late I found out that when I said I would be "sleeping," he thought it meant I was busy (maybe a modern day version of "I need to wash my hair"). So much for being sly about keeping my day open. He didn't want it to seem like he was forcing things. So, he kept coming over to hang out for our parties, and didn't end up asking me out officially until New Years eve. Slow mover? Yes, and that was probably exactly what I needed at the time. And God knew that.
So-- end of story. Our t-shirts will say, "So what are you doing tomorrow?" --to immortalize the great moment where Casey ALMOST asked me out, and to commemorate the fact my radar was indeed NOT off (yes, I am still proud of this fact).


Redclix said...


That's SO cute.

Andrea Rooks said...

What a great story. I love it when we can realize in retrospect that it's God messing with our "radar" :)

bunzi said...

very cute :)